We are an award-winning PR firm that specializes in public outreach, stakeholder input and facilitation in the water industry.

Our team enables clients to:

  • Inform Audiences
  • Raise awareness
  • Increase support
  • Identify opposition
  • Change behavior

We work with:

  • Water Authorities
  • Government Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • River Authorities
  • Groundwater Districts
  • Engineering Firms

A Life in Conservation

My biography of Andrew Sansom will be published on Nov. 1, 2024, by Texas A&M University Press and is available on pre-order from Amazon.

In a world at the tipping point of climate crisis, Sansom’s life provides valuable lessons in environmental leadership that shapes practical policies based on compromise. He was able to help protect a half million acres of land in parks, nature preserves and wildlife management areas through his guiding principle of balance.

Sansom’s moderation produced results that contrast sharply with today’s paralysis of polarized politics. Our environmental challenges can’t wait much longer.

Andrew Sansom - A Life in Conservation

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