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The Gulf Coast Water Authority wanted to update its Drought Contingency Plan to better assess drought severity, plan for groundwater usage, lower water loss and incorporate standard planning elements. A previous effort to update the Plan faltered over penalty provisions. The challenge was to ensure support of the updating process from Water Authority customers so the resulting Plan would be ratified by the Authority’s Board of Directors.


Laura Raun Public Relations, as part of a consultant team, was chosen by the Gulf Coast Water Authority to carry out the updating process. A grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation was secured by the Authority to fund the project.

LRPR facilitated a Drought Task Force representing GCWA customers and stakeholders whose purpose was to provide feedback and information on components of the Updated Plan. A series of meetings was organized to glean feedback on plan components - including drought monitoring, vulnerability assessment, mitigation actions and response actions.

The meetings were guided by a Communications and Outreach Plan.


GCWA customers and stakeholders were recruited during a kickoff luncheon to serve on the Drought Task Force, which is providing feedback for the updating process. The updated Drought Contingency Plan is due by November 2018.

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