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The City of Fair Oaks Ranch identified more than 8 miles of roads in need of repair and nearly 4 miles of water lines in need of extension to revitalize public infrastructure during 2015-17. A roadway study had been done to determine which streets should be completed first, based on condition and value to the community. The goal was to improve road drivability and water service while preserving the City’s investment and preparing for future needs.


Laura Raun Public Relations, as part of a team, planned and carried out a comprehensive public outreach campaign to inform residents of Fair Oaks Ranch about the benefits and impacts of the road and water construction project. The campaign was designed to set community expectations, manage them and address concerns over the 31 months of the project.

Public outreach efforts included traditional print, online, telephone and in-person approaches to getting the word out. Key components of the campaign included:

  • Flyers
  • Websites
  • Open House
  • Mass notifications via email and text message
  • Telephone Hot Line


The comprehensive campaign minimized complaints from residents, enabled a rapid response to complaints, and allowed the Public Works Department to implement the project with the full confidence of the City Council.

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