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In 2009 water marketer T. Boone Pickens challenged the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District’s goal for the amount of stored groundwater that must remain in 50 years, known as Desired Future Conditions.

The North Plains GCD knew it was up against a well-funded opponent in the dispute, which was a statutory petition filed with the Texas Water Development Board.

The District was aware that it had to tell its story clearly and credibly – not only in the petition process, but also in the role of public (2017) education.


The District asked LRPR to provide media and presentation training for its management and board of directors, to enable them to better educate constituents. Training was geared to the DFC petition and implications of the legal challenge. LRPR helped the District develop a compelling presentation and deliver it with greater effect.


The North Plains GCD prevailed in the statutory challenge to its DFC.

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