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The LCRA struggled for years to come up with a clear and simple brochure that would explain its water activities to a wide range of audiences. LCRA managers wanted to show water supplies, demands, planning and conservation in practical terms that avoided unnecessary complexities of water law and hydrology. A 28-page, decade-old brochure was no longer up to the job.


LRPR created a brochure that used:

  • Simple language to explain the river authority’s operations, conservation activities and planning
  • Maps and charts that illustrated water supplies and demands
  • Eye-popping colors that invited readers to open and read the brochure


The brochure was completed ahead of schedule and more than 250 were distributed during public meetings in Burnet, Wharton and Austin. The handout helped attendees identify and prioritize water supply options – and better focus their input to LCRA. LCRA continues to use the brochure to explain water activities to various audiences.

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