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The Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Group (Region K) realized early in the 2016 planning process that it needed more information about water providers’ water conservation and drought contingency efforts to meet requirements of the 2016 Regional Water Plan. In addition, the information was needed in a relatively short time in order to stay on schedule for development of the 2016 Plan.


LRPR developed an informational survey to collect critical data from water providers in a format that was logical, easy to use and comprehensive. The survey was designed to take no more than 15 minutes by recipients who followed the instructions, and was available online and in print.

The online version was interactive so it could be filled out electronically and submitted via email. The print version was mailed to water providers.

LRPR followed up with recipients by telephone and email to confirm receipt of the survey, answer questions and encourage completion of the survey.


LRPR achieved a 50% response rate from water providers in Region K, surpassing the response rate of previous surveys by a large margin. The information gleaned was expected to amply meet the needs of the 2016 Regional Water Plan.

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