Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District

The Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District wanted to strengthen its educational outreach by raising awareness of the District and its new online well-registration tool among a wider audience.

Having been created em in 2009, the District felt that many constituents were still unaware of its purpose and benefits. Audiences needed to understand how the District provided local control over groundwater resources in Ellis, John Hill and Somervell counties.


Informational materials were seen as the best way to reach out to public water suppliers, water well owners, and well drillers. LRPR created a colorful and engaging brochure that introduced the District and explained how citizens could provide input to the rule-making process and other operations.

LRPR also developed well owner display cards that explained the benefits of registering water wells and how to use the online well-registration tool. The cards were designed to fit in standard-size dispensers that commonly are found in public offices.


The brochure and well owner cards helped the District get its messages out simply and effectively to target audiences. Groundwater users found the brochure and display cards “helpful” and “useful.”

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